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Your hardware sourcing & marketing partner. For the long run.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that you will Always receive the Quality that you Deserve, sometimes even with Pleasant surprise.

Focus & Flexible

Focus on core products, yet Flexible enough to fulfill your needs Effeciently.

Featured Brands


Carefully selected to be crafted by reputable manufactures only. Wisemann is a selection of quality tools that is suitable for professional use.


Japanese made hex key wrenches distributed worldwide, receiving praise for its exceptional quality, a reliable international brand.


JK Files, is today the largest producer of files in the world. With an impressive 32% global market share, contract manufacturer for some most trusted brand worldwide.


SunMade is an industrial brush manufacturer from Taiwan, providing full spectrum of ready-made brushes and made-to-order industrial brushes to suit your specification.


Reliable abrasive products with long standing track record, Swallow is the trusted brand for industry professional.


Award winning brand of cleaning and care products for all vehicle and machine. With more than 80 years of experience and quality guarantee.

We actively seek partners to fulfil your needs.
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Delivering Quality Efficiently

We strive to maintain our product portfolio with high quality products at reasonable price.

Our wholesales strategy focus on bringing high quality products to you efficiently. Eliminating as much cost as possible from the traditional supply chain through investment in technology, we transfer our savings to you. Building up a long term business relationship with you means a lot more to us.

Take a glance of our best selling items:

Local & International Sourcing

Hardware is a broad industry, with our network of suppliers we can easily fulfill your needs.

Broad supplier network from Malaysia and abroad is one of our main asset. You can leverage one our network for sourcing so you can focus on what you do best. Our sourcing services will arrange your purchases directly to your door step for a headache free experience.

Fulfilling all your industrial needs

Being small, we can learn and adapt to your needs. We are confident that our knowledge while working with various industry will help us to serve you better.

We understand the pain of dealing with multiple vendors for your production and maintenance needs. Coupled with our network, we can provide you a one stop solution for all your needs. Our dedicated sourcing team will be your best friend in assisting you to meet your budget and projected timeline.

Taiwan & Germany Industrial Technical Collaboration

We can customize industrial brushes in all sizes that is suitable for your machines.

Let us know your application and specification. We have technical expert ready to provide a cost effective solution that enhances your performance. With research and development team local and abroad, we are able to support your business throughout its expansion.

Marketing & IT consultation

Aside from our trading activity, we also helps our customer to design and strategize their marketing and IT facility, because we know that your success will lead to ours.

Constatnly in touch and communicating with the industry and retailers, we have information that can help your brand succeed. We can also provide you wtih marketing solutions from design of printed material, website and even mobile applications.

Other brands in our portfolio

  • 3M
  • Hunter
  • Genius
  • Starrett
  • Tridon
  • Mada
  • DLTC
  • Benz Werkz
  • ESIcut
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